Paintball for Christmas

 If you are looking for THE PERFECT GIFT for Christmas, you are in the right place, PAINTBALL is the best choice you can make. Call us or send us an e-mail and we will find a way to get the Christmas Paintball Voucher to you in time.

2014. December 17.
Paintball Christmas Present

Outdoor paintball under 10°C?

Outdoor paintball under 10°C? Sure! With the adrenaline rush of the game complemented by the high quality equipment and the winter formula paint used in our fields from October, temperatures can prevent noone from playing in our Center. As usual, we are open every day of the year by appointment, so do not forget to make a booking for the day of YOUR GAME.

2014. November 09.
Winter paintball in outdoor paintball fields

Long weekend? Fall break?

Long weekend? Fall break? If you are looking for a demanding and at the same time fun activity for your holiday, paintball is your choice. Start to organize your team now to ensure your place and, naturally, to ensure a free game for yourself as an organizer. Keep it in mind that over a total number of 10 players one person, i.e. the organizer of the game will be granted a game free of rental fee + some free paintballs.

2014. October 07.
Fall break paintball

Fall is back again...

Fall is back again… But if you would like forget about the school days along with the rainy weather it’s brought about, you should definitely head to the paintball field :). Remember to bring your Student ID  as well, it will get you a HUF 500 student discount!

2014. September 13.
Autumn paintball discounts

Summer Paintball Special

On hot summer days even paintballing can be more enjoyable with the help of something refreshing, so we thought it would be a good idea to provide you with free mineral water throughout the game :)

2014. July 18.
Summer paintball special


Spring is in full bloom, so it's high time to get outdoors and enjoy paintballing again. Don't forget our group organizer benefit program, bring along your fiends and play free of package fee + collect your free paintballs!*

* The special offer applies to 1 person/group, i.e. the organizer of the game, in the case of groups over 10 players. 

2014. March 17.

Winter sale

Start the year actively, come and make the most of our winter offers! You will be granted a discount of HUF 500 off the entry fee in our outdoor fields until 28th February. 

Don't forget about the Cave either, if you would prefer to play indoors, just give us a ring or send an e-mail to book the game in time. 

2013. January 30.