In paintball we have to make a distinction between two sets of rules, namely the rules of tournaments and those of recreational paintball.


Elimination and number of players on a team

When a paintball ends up bursting on your body, and it surely will, you're out of that particular game. But it won't be for long, as a turn typically lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes, and you can use the time to recover and replenish your stocks before the next game.

In tournaments there's a typical limit of 3-10 players on a team. There's only total elimination, if any part of the player's body is hit (including the limbs as well as the gun itself) the player is out and must leave the field immediately.

In recreational paintball games there's no limit as to the maximum number of players allowed on a team. There's a difference with regards the rules of elimination too: the player is out if they're hit on their body or head, which means the limbs and equipment don't count.

Marshals - professional supervision of the game

The rules below apply to both tournament and recreational paintball games. Marshals are responsible for supervising the game, assisting the players, preventing and judging unsportsmanlike conduct. They signal the beginnig and the end of the game, officially confirm and announce the results, as well as make sure the players observe the rules throughout the game. Marshals are entitled to disqualify players or suspend the game as needed. They are also in charge of carrying out smaller repairs, such as cleaning guns and supplying the players with paint.

Decisions of marshals on the field are final and unarguable.