According to most reliable sources, along with some of his friends, it is the American Bob Gurnsey who gets the credit for inventing paintball. The first game of paintball was played in a smaller company of his friends in 1981 in New Hampshire. This first battle proved to be so successful that a year later Bob was already running his own company organizing paintball games and selling the concept in a franchise system.

Following the rapid growth of the game in the Western countries, paintball reached Hungary in the middle of the 1990s. As a result of the popularity of the game in our country, by now Hungary has become one of the over 50 countries where paintball is played by vast numbers of people, of different ages and lifestyles. Time has proved Gurnsey right: paintball will always remain popular, as it is one of the few sports where women and men compete equally, where age is not dominated by youth and where physical size and strength are not as important as intelligence and determination.