About Us

Extrem Paintball Center's three paintball sites are located within an easy reach of the center of the Hungarian capital, Budapest.

The two outdoor fields in Pestszentimre and Alagimajor, as well as the indoor field in Budatétény cater for the needs of beginners and more professional players, kids and adults, private groups and corporate team building events, birthday parties and stag parties alike.

The three locations have altogether 15 action packed outdoor and indoor paintball fields, spread over almost 100 acres, with terrain varying from woodland to buildings and a cave.

Why choose us? 

What we offer in our fields is

  • high quality and reliable paintball equipment
  • a wide range of indoor, outdoor and woodland missions
  • fast and dynamic, as well as slower and more tension-packed scenarios
  • constant attention on the part of our professional staff
  • more than 20 years of experience in operating paintball fields
  • catering options
  • special prices for groups and students

a combination of which is undoubtedly a guarantee for a day of perfect enjoyment with your friends.

We hope to to have you here soon!