At the beginning of the game players are issued with all the equipment they will need. Extrem Paintball Center provides professional equipment, which meets national and international safety rules and requirements.

Paintball markers

In our fields we provide semi-automatic Tippmann '98 markers for rent, which are used worldwide in paintball fields due to their reliability and popularity with both recreational and professonal players.
The guns are powered by CO2 bottles, with unlimited free refills for the whole day.


Paintballs are water-soluble, non-toxic and biodegradable, but taste rather bitter, so we don't suggest testing them this way. As the dealer of various well known paintball brands in Hungary, Extrem Paintball Center can steadily provide its players with reliable and high-quality ammunition.

Safety equipment

Players receive approved Vforce Armour paintball masks and green or camouflage overalls which fully cover the body during the game.
Chest armour is also available and is recommended for use by ladies.